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Introduction about the legal affair of contracts

Author :Tianjin Bo Law Firm   Time :2019-01-04

The legal affair of contracts is one of the advantageous business of Tianjin Bozhuan Law Firm. We have established a contract business department, which consists of a number of litigation and non-litigation lawyers who hase been handling contract dispute cases for a long time. 

The services provided by our law firm in this field mainly lie in (but not limited to the following services):

Contract litigation, arbitration legal services:

Agency sales and purchase contracts, lease contracts, financial lease contracts, loan contracts, contract contracts, technology contracts, transportation contracts,


Litigation, arbitration, contract disputes, intermediation contracts, service contracts, labor contracts, partnership agreements, contracting contracts, etc.


Non-litigation legal services:

Acting for the negotiation, negotiation, drafting, review, and modification of various types of contracts and agreements, and providing legal risks for various issues in the conclusion, performance, dissolution, and termination of contracts.


Contracts and agreements, with the participation of lawyers, will be formulated to be more standardized, which will help to maximize the legitimate rights and interests of the clients, and also precautions for future disputes. The legal affairs of the contract is divided into three phases:


The contract phase. At this stage, the attorney can obtain as much information as possible from the principal, including the principal and the contracting party, and prepare a negotiation plan. At the same time, the relevant laws and regulations should be explained to the client;


Contracting phase. At this stage, the parties to the contract will negotiate and negotiate on related matters, and the lawyers will participate in the negotiations, and they may also explain to the other party the legal basis for their own requests;


The implementation phase. After the contract takes effect, it does not mean that it can be fulfilled. If the actual situation requires the contract to be suspended, changed or cancelled, the lawyer can negotiate with the other party on behalf of the client.

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